Cremaschini s.p.a. | History
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The Company Cremaschini was established in the postwar period thanks to the business venture of Paolo Cremaschini, who began the trading of agricultural raw materials. He started with the collection of small sofl wheat lots stocked in small warehouses located in the low area of Brescia for the re-sale to the several mills of North Italy (In Lombardy, Piedmont, Veneto and Emilia Romagna).


It is during these frequent contacts that Paolo Cremaschini took into consideration the possibility to become, he himself, a customer of the mills, by buying their by-products for the re-sale and distribution to the small breeding farms, taking advantage of the favourable period where animal husbandry was growing fast. This first step in the trading allowed the Company to create added value and to pave the way for the future development of the Company.


In the 70s the six sons joined the Company and with a great passion they worked assiduously to improve the activity and services offered. The purchase of new trucks permitted to considerably increase the exchanges, which became more and more frequent, raising from two trucks per week to three trucks daily. Consequently the volume of the grains traded increased remarkably.


The family enterprise specialized in the supply of wheat by-products for the animal husbandry (wheat bran, wheat middlings, wheat flour middlings). Around the middle of the 70s the diversification of agriculture in the Pianura Padana was increased and the growing of corn on large scale was introduced. This situation represented a good opportunity to improve the Cremaschini F.lli, which decided to integrate the current wheat collection with that of green com which, nevertheless, must be dried before being sold.


For this purpose the company built a small drying plant: in 1976, the first year of activity, it managed to dry about 2,000 tons of humid product, also thanks to the building of the first warehouse, which allowed to store up to 3.000 tons of dried corn (then. distributed during the year to the mills and to the pig and cow breeders). In the early 80s the drying capacity grew again, passing from 120 mt/day to 360 mt/day: the plant so became one of the biggest in the Brescia province.
But Paolo Cremaschini, the founder, could not share this important qualitative step with his sons: due to illness he died in 1981.


The activity continued with his heirs Giuseppe, Tarcisio, Annunzio, Gianfranco, Camille and Alessandra: with great care and perseverance, they decide to make a name for themselves in the grains and animal husbandry markets. They invested in a new drying plant, new storing silos (7.000 tons capacity) and four hanging silos for the quick forwarding of different grains, so increasing the production from 360 mt/day up to 1.000 mt/day.
The trucks doubled and the receipt process was mechanised (100 mt/day).


In 1986 the Company was equipped with a new warehouse of 15.000 tons and a new lane for the loading of grains and proteins.
In 1987-88 the breakthrough was achieved: with a new specialized plant the Cremaschini brothers decided to produce on their own customized feed compounds on the so-called ‘open formula’, in cooperation with different breeders. This was an immediate success and obtained a large consensus from the customers, who could finally choose the best formulation for their breeding, depending from the specific nutritional, logistics and organization needs (no more generic feed compound obtained by standard optimization).


Since the 90s there has been a growing trend in the activity, thanks to the continuous internal updatings and innovations: in 1995 a new laboratory for the quality control of the raw materials was set up; in 1996 the drying plants were sobstituted with a new one with French technology (‘Satig‘), modem and at the leading edge: with a capacity of 1500 tm/day and a ‘dry-aeration’ system, it guaranteed an excellent quality.


At the beginning of the 21st century Cremaschini F.lli decided to add the flakes production to the existent activities, so answering to a growing demand of the feed market, which asked for more digestiible grains and proteins for pigs and milk cows.


In 2002 the Company dotbled its dimensions over an area of 16.500 square meters: the production of feed compounds for pigs increased by building a new production line for milling, mixing and forwarding. Furthermore two new lines for flakes production were prepared (18120 mt/hour).


In 2004, in order to face the afla-toxin problem, the Company was equipped with a new drying plant (3.500 mt/day) added to the previous one: so. it reach a total capacitv of 5.000 mt/day.